Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A Plane in Our Future?

While we were in Phoenix the past couple of days, Eric scheduled an afternoon for us to check out a Bearhawk airplane at a Chandler airport. He's been researching kit airplanes ever since moving to Las Vegas. Probably has a lot to do with not being in the air with his current job. He's looked at so many different planes I couldn't even name half of the ones he's brough up to me. However, several have stuck with him over the course of the two years. The one below is a Bearhawk which has four seats and lots of cargo room. This could be a perfect plane for the family in the future. He obviously doesn't want to start building it right now since we plan on going oversees next, but he really wants to be prepared for when we are stateside. So, here is a taste of one of his top plane choices. The other one is a RV-7, it's a really fast two seater so my vote is against it (however sporty that one may be). I kindly told Eric when he started having kids the word 'sporty' should be thrown out of his vocabulary. Sports car...nope, sporty plane...I don't think so.

I plan on having the birthday blog up soon, I'm just hoping to get some pictures emailed to me from family and friends seeing as I didn't take that many. Let me know what you think of the Bearhawk. Posted by Picasa

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Lysandra said...

I like the bearhawk. Scott said the nice thing about a high wing plane is that you get a great view without the wings in the way. Just last week I caught Scott looking online at planes for sale. Aye yaye yaye yaye!