Thursday, January 25, 2007

Etta's Going to a Pageant

Ok, since I still don't have all the birthday photos yet, I figured I needed to post something (Etta's sleeping, it's not like I'd so something useful like do my hair or fold laundry). I thought it might be fun to put Etta in a baby pageant. I've found a couple local ones in Vegas that promote the natural look rather than the full up pageants that the media usually portrays. Anyone seen Little Miss Sunshine or Jon Bonet Ramsey? That's the full up pageant that we'd like to avoid. I found a really cute dress on ebay and ordered it. Hopefully it will come in the next week or two. It shouldn't take long since it's in Los Angeles!

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Now all I need is a headband (since Etta is practically bald), shoes, and either tights or socks. Does anyone have any suggestions? I've been looking on ebay for custom headbands and saw a couple cute ones but I'm wondering if I should just make my own. If I make my own headband I'm thinking I could use similar material and put it on socks to make them all ruffly and cute. That may be the cheaper route to go, but I also want something simple. Can't I have cheap and simple at the same time?
Anyway, she also has to be in a casual outfit for playtime. They get judged in the dress and then playtime with the other kids in her age group. Any suggestions? I have so many clothes I feel like I can pull something out of her wardrobe, but I'm worried she'd be under-dressed in jeans but then over dressed in a skirt of some type. I'm including the links to the pageant websites. We'll for sure go to the Cinderella pageant in March, but we may try for the coed one next month and the Pretty Little Princess in May (if we aren't getting ready to move).
If you think I'm silly (Jill), you're more than welcome to make fun of me, but I'd love to hear what you guys think.


Lysandra said...

What a cute dress! Let me know if she wins.

Just the Sous Chef said...

I think it is a creative way for you and Etta to have fun. I love the idea of all natural pageants ... they get dressed up and be the pretty natural little girls they are!!! What little girl doesn't like to play dress up? I agree with the "natural" pageants and it is unfortunate that the media ALWAYS portrays the glitz and glamour ones you mentioned. I am sure she is going to win, she is a natural. Have fun with it ... that is what it most important. Good Luck. xxoo