Monday, January 29, 2007

Etta's First Birthday Party

Before I forget, Etta just had her 12 month check up. She is 30 inches long and 20 pounds 7 ounces. I'll have to check the percentages because they didn't tell me.

Of course Etta wasn't awake for the first 30-45 minutes of her own birthday party. She just didn't want to go down for a nap. She wants to stay up longer in the morning and just take one nap during the day. I miss her two naps:( Most of the guests were already at the party by the time she woke up. Finally, after someone came in Etta was awake and ready to see everyone. She was overwhelmed by all the people there but she was great.

We enlisted my mom and dad as cooks for the day. My dad cooked up hamburgers, hot dogs, and some chicken. My mom even made the little bear cake for Etta. It happens to be the same cake pan my mom used for my brother and my first birthday. That's special. We had lots of friends and family at the party. Several couples we even were stationed at in Misawa, Japan with. They happen to be at Luke now and the party made a convenient way to see everyone. It was so crazy having all the babies there. The Hansen's 2 year old boy was the only boy, the rest were little girls. Of course that made for entertainment when opening up presents.

My dad, MIL Maggie, and SIL WeiRong

Those brave enough for the cold

Etta opening up her cube Claira giving Etta her Build A Bear
Etta loves her walker

"I hate his hat!"
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Etta checks out frosting for the first time...not sure about it

We had to help her get into it
After unwrapping presents the kids were ready for cake and ice cream. Etta got her little bear cake and stared at if for a minute of two. We had to help put her hand on it so she realized she could touch it. It took her awhile to taste it. She wasn't too sure about that! We had to even cut a piece of the cake so she could try that and she didn't eat much. She got herself nicely covered with frosting, with the help of Aunt WeiRong and the dots on her forehead! I guess she'll put off sweets for awhile and that's ok! We had a wonderful time at the birthday party and wished we could have spent more time with everyone.

The following day we got to celebrate Emma's first birthday too. The big difference there was she cried to get her cake. Hmmm, makes me wonder if she's had sweets already (Laura!). Hope you enjoy the photos.

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That is hilarious! I wish I could have seen it!