Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Tired Already!

It's been a long week, and it's only Tuesday! The one good thing I can say is we are done shopping. That is, I'm at least done with shopping. For the first time ever Eric and I haven't mentioned Christmas shopping to each other. He even bought something for Etta that I don't know about. How cute. I know it's a book, but that's it.
Etta has been battling a cold for awhile. She saw a doctor after Thanksgiving and seemed to be doing a little better for about a week but has gotten worse. So I called yesterday saying that she's still sick. They told me that it's treatable without me coming it. They only want to see her if it continues for 3 weeks or more. Hmmm, can I not do simple math? It has been three weeks you idiot. Anyway, she told me to get children's dimetapp and give that to her. She said to call back if it doesn't get better in two weeks. Well, I'll call next week if she doesn't get better you mathematician. I'm a little nervous that it could turn into RSV or pneumonia just because she's more susceptible since she was a preemie with poor lungs when she was born. Yeah, I'm just a worried mom.
We'll be leaving for Phoenix this Friday. I'm looking forward to spending Christmas there this year. It will be Eric's first time spending it with my family. Of course it's super special since it's Etta's first Christmas. I wish she were more interested in the presents than the wrapping paper, but what can I do? She'll still have a good time. We'll be seeing our nephew for the first time as well. Eric's parents have decided to come out to Phoenix for Christmas too so we'll get to see everyone. Unfortunately we'll have to leave for home Monday after Etta goes to sleep. Eric has to be at work Tuesday morning. Bummer.
Well, Etta is napping and I'd love to read another chapter of the book I'm reading, Whisker of Evil by Rita Mae Brow and Sneaky Pie Brown. Such fun books.
Let me know what your plans are for Christmas. Are you going anywhere? Any specific tradition you like to have? I'll be blogging when we get back next week with lots of pictures (I hope).

Etta coughed herself awake, finished her nap in the swing :(

Etta love electronics

Maggie is my best friend, she's so tolerant

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Lysandra said...

She is growing so fast!! I can't believe it! I hope I get to meet her one day...maybe we can swing by Vegas on our way back to Texas.