Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A Long Morning

6:00am: clean poopy diaper
6:10am: feed baby
6:30am: vacuum family room and kitchen
7:00am: do dishes
7:30am: eat a bowl of cereal
7:45am: sit down and check my email
8:00am: wishing it was Etta’s nap time
8:15am: still wishing it was nap time

So, this is where I am this morning. I hate how she has been waking up at 6am lately. Sometimes with a poopy butt, other times she just wants up to eat and play. She is getting into everything now. It’s kind of fun watching her, even though I have to keep a closer eye on her. The one thing she likes to play with that she’s not supposed to…the tuner and DVD player. She’s helped herself to the DVD player and bent the little door for the actual DVD. She’s just so interested in everything. Here is a picture of her in the dishwasher. She won’t leave me alone when doing dishes anymore. She’s so bad.

Are my pants in the dishwasher?

1 comment:

Lysandra said...

She isn't bad...she is just exploring her world. It's all going towards her figuring out how the world works. Once her curiosity is satisfied she will move on....Good Luck though.