Sunday, December 10, 2006

I'm an Aunt

Marc and WeiRong delivered a healthy boy this week. He's about 3 weeks early from his due date (Christmas day) but looks great. We haven't gotten his stats on weight and length yet but he looks healthy from his pics below. We'll get to see them for Christmas in Phoenix. How exciting; I never thought I would be an aunt.

Marc, WeiRong, and Allen
Baby Allen
Last weekend we had some visitors. Jenny, Dan, and Jade came to stay with us for a long weekend. Vicki, Nathan, and Justice stayed on the Strip and played and lost in a bingo tournament. I wonder if that takes any skill or just patience and luck? Anyway, we all got together Saturday night for dinner on our side of town. Just imagine 6 adults and 3 little ones. Unfortunately Jade and Justice were having a hard time with the time change wo there was a lot of screaming involved. The next night we all got together at our house and gave the girls Christmas presents. It was fun watching them play with all the toys. It's funny when they like someone elses' toys more than their own. Here are some pictures of Sunday evening.
The girls (Christy & Etta, Jen & Jade, Vicki & Justice)



The girls opening presents

The girls playing with the house
Eric was sick all day Sunday with what we think was food poisoning from the dinner before. However, Jenny and Jade were sick the next day. So, who knows? It could have been a flu bug. It unfortunately went to Dan once they got back to Phoenix. Etta and I have been fine with no signs of the flu for now. It was nice having friends visit us, especially with more little ones running around with Etta. Lots of fun.

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Lysandra said...

Congrats on becoming an Aunt! That Justice is the cutest darn baby!!! I mean soooooo cute.