Sunday, December 31, 2006

Etta's First ER Trip

Etta had been pretty whiny all day yesterday. She ran a mild temperature in the afternoon and had some infant tylenol to help bring it down. By 5:30 or so she was just lithargic and really warm. As she laid in my lap I took an armpit temp of 103.1. They aren't very accurate, you're supposed to add 1 degree or something. So, Eric tried looking online to find out what temp at 11 months old is high enough to take a baby to the emergency room. After a few minutes of looking a no info, he decided to call the ER on base. They told us to bring her in.

You know she's not well when she does this

We made good time to the base and there weren't may people. It took us about 20 minutes for them to take her weight, temperature, and fill out the paperwork. Then, it was time to wait again. About an hour later a nurse comes out with a lot of motrin for Etta to take. Another hour goes by and we get taken to the X-Ray room for them to take chest X-Rays. Since she's had a cold for the last month they must have been worried about her lungs. Another hour goes by after the films were taken for a doctor to come see us. He said one of her ears looked a little pink. Thirty minutes later we got amoxicillian, motrin, and tylenol. She's still running a fever, but they said it will take several days to go away. She's still not happy. Here's Etta on daddy's lap this morning.

I still don't feel like myself

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Lysandra said...

How worried you must have been! I hope she feels better soon!

Jill said...

I hear that tequila cures whatever is ailing you. Did you ask them for some sleeping pills for the parents and Etta?

Jill said...

So how is Etta doing?