Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Piece of Crap Laptop

Sorry for the language, but that's how I feel at the moment. The laptop died last week and with it took out the memory card for our camera. So, we couldn't take photos while we were in California for the Thanksgiving weekend. Now we have our old memory card that holds something like 10 pictures. That's it! Eric re-formatted the computer but in the process lost a few of my favorite websites. I suppose there are worse things in life. I hope this thing doesn't die on us again soon. I should just use the desktop!
Ok, so we took off for Oceanside Wednesday night once Etta was a sleep for the night. We got in just after midnight, so we made good time. We did Thanksgiving with the entire California family which was 24 people! Wow, it was a great time. After dinner we had a baby shower for WeiRong. She's due next month and I'm excited to be an aunt. The next two days we pretty much just hung out at Eric's parents house playing a game called Sequence (really fun) and catching up. Etta took a nice chip out of one of her front teeth and won't be able to get into the dentist until the first of the new year. Go figure. Now she likes to gnash her teeth together and make me cringe! We had an easy drive back Saturday night and even got Etta to sleep in an extra hour or two.
Yesterday I set up shop and took a bunch of pictures of Etta in her Christmas outfit. I want to use a picture of her on our Christmas cards. Since I don't have a large memory card I had to keep the laptop close by to download the pictures then erase them from the memory card as quick as possible. I got a good ten minutes out of her before she got a little upset with sitting there. Hope you like the photos, some of these are my favorites. Let me know which one you like the most. I haven't choosen one for the Christmas card yet.


Jill said...

I like the first Christmas pcture. Well I guess with that chip in her tooth, there goes her modeling career.

Lysandra said...

She looks soooooo cute!