Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Operation Christmas Child

The past two years our church has participated in an event to collect shoe boxes filled with toys, school supplies, and personal hygiene supplies that are sent to war ravaged countries, third world countries, to children in need. Most of these children have nothing and this will be the one gift they are given all year. When they are given these boxes they're also told about God and Jesus in their own languages. Every time our pastor plays the clip promoting Operation Christmas Child I get choked up. Last year Eric and I put together five boxes. This year we had put together six boxes and dropped them off at church one weekend. Turns out that one of our older members said he'd pay for the shipping of the first 140 boxes donated. That's $7 each. Wow, so we went ahead and took that as an incentive to do another couple of boxes. We get so much joy out of doing this but it can't be in comparison to the children that receive these.

If you are interested in checking it out, here is the website: We typically go to the Dollar Tree store and spend about $15 on each box. You can choose the sex and age range for each box. The website also lists local drop off places for the boxes. We hope you look into it, it's a wonderful way to help children in need.

Here are a few pictures I took the other day. Enjoy.
Etta Playing w/ Junk Mail
Etta looking cute

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