Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I'm So Behind

I need to get on here more often, but that will never happen. Etta is napping less and the laptop has crapped out. That means I'm on the computer even less than normal. Will I survive with out the internet? I sure hope so.

Ok, so what's new with us. Etta said her first word last week, "dada". Hello, she spends the entire day with me and says dada? Anyway, it's easier to say dada so I'm not completely offended, just a little:) If I knew how to post a video to this website I would put a little clip of her saying it (caught it the other day on the camera...too cute).

Eric went in to get some more skin removed yesterday. He's a little sore, but otherwise spirits are up. He has to go in in another three weeks to get checked again and should get the results for cancer then. Please pray they he is cancer free. He also has to go in January to get looked over to make sure nothing else looks like skin cancer. Very scary.

Ok, now don't laugh, I had emailed Kids Talent Network some photos of Etta and they wanted to see her in person. Last week I took her in just so they could see her and ask several questions. Today I got the call and they would like to represent her. Unfortunately they are not an agency, they basically find the agent for you...at a cost of $500. After thinking it through, I'm going to say no (not a scam, BBB has no complaints and they have a list of kids that have made it in the business on their website). Not only for the money sake, but all the work is in California for kids Etta's age. I talked with a mom in CA (her daughter models) and says that you only book for about a third of the casting calls so I would never make up the traveling expense even if she did find an agent. So, unless we get the Olmstead Scholar and end up in Monterey, CA for a year, baby modeling will not happen for Etta. I suppose she'll just have to be super cute in the pictures I take rather than being in a baby catalog. No laughing please!

It's about 5pm, Eric is on his way home and I don't know what I'm doing for dinner. I guess it will be salmon night. So easy:) If I don't post before we leave for a California Thanksgiving, I hope everyone has a great one and travels safe. I'll email pictures and stories about the Winterbottom Thanksgiving (and WeiRong's baby shower).

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Jill said...

All I want for Christmas is a new laptop . . hint hint Eric