Sunday, October 08, 2006

Strip…Two Times in One Day

You dirty minded people…I’m not talking about stripping but the Strip (Las Vegas Blvd). Hello! I live in Las Vegas. Anyway, Eric and I never go to the strip unless we have company and this weekend we had company. Vicki, Nathan, and their little girl came to visit us from Phoenix for the first time since Justice was born. We haven’t seen her since she was just a month or two old and now she’s five months old. She has changed so much. I’m sure it was the same for them when they saw Etta. It’s amazing to see the changes time brings to babies. After the drive from Phoenix Justice was in no mood to get back into the car seat to go out and about site seeing, so we just hung out Friday. Saturday we were able to see Bodies: The Exhibition at the Tropicana. First of all, the Tropicana is one old Casino. There are certain spots that the ceiling can’t be even 7 feet tall. Some people wouldn’t even be able to walk through those areas. After walking all throughout the casino we finally found the exhibition not even 100 feet from where we parked (go figure). Since we are cool locals we got a couple buck discount to get in. If you haven’t heard of this exhibition, let me give you a little info. They have a bunch of cadavers that have been dissected to show one particular system of the body in detail and then posed. The first body we saw I didn’t even think was real, but the closer I looked, I noticed little fibers sticking up and figured that it was not a plastic model. I didn’t have a hard time going through because I just didn’t think about the fact that it was once a real living person. The coolest part of the exhibition was a section dedicated to the circulatory system. The arteries and veins were injected with a dye that hardened then everything else was dissolved away with some sort of acid. They had an entire body as well as tons of individual organs that were just the branches of arteries and capillaries. Man, this would have been the perfect thing to take my anatomy and physiology class too. If you are ever interested in checking it out, here’s the website: Go to the image gallery to get an idea of what we saw!
That evening Vicki and Nathan hung out at our house and watched the girls while we went to see Phantom of the Opera. I’ve wanted to see it since I heard the Venetian started putting the show together. We had purchased our tickets online a week or two ago for the balcony with a $50 discount for being 10pm show (it had actually expired but for some reason they still gave it to us). When we went to pick the tickets up at Will Call they for some reason gave us tickets in the Golden Circle. Oh yeah, that’s front (really it was about 10 rows back) and center. I don’t know if we smiled the right way or what but we got a smoking deal for great seats. I don’t suspect that will ever happen again! We thoroughly enjoyed the show and we both put it at the top of our list of shows seen on the strip. So far, we rank the following shows that we have seen: 1) Phantom of the Opera-Venetian, 2) Switchfoot-House of Blues, 3) Blue Man Group-Luxor, 4) Penn & Teller- Rio, 5) Celine Dion- Caesar’s Palace, and 6) Le Reve- Wynn. We still want to see Mystere. Hopefully it will happen one day.
That was our big Saturday; down to the strip twice in one day. Thanks Vicki and Nathan. We had a great time seeing you and can’t wait to see you again in December!

Justice playing
Etta playing
Justice and Etta not quite sure what to do with each other


Lysandra said...

Justice is a cutie and of course Etta is always beautiful. I wanted to see the bodies when it first came out in L.A. about 2 years ago but Scott is skiddish when it comes to anatomy.

Christy said...

I had never heard of it before now. Vicki felt a little 'off' after seeing the exhibit and couldn't go through the prenatal section. Otherwise...facinating.