Monday, October 16, 2006

My Baby’s Mobile!

While Vicki and Nathan were out visiting they noticed within a 24 hour the difference in Etta’s mobility. She was literally dragging herself across the tile a couple of feet and then the next day she was all over the place. She isn’t up on her knees yet, but she is using those arms and feet to move her around the room. So much for those foam tiles I put down a couple of weeks ago. She seems to be playing everywhere but the foam tiles. She even likes going down the hall. Good thing Eric is getting the gate put in soon.

I can crawl!

Based on my friend Laura’s recommendation we went ahead and picked up a new toy for her: Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Learning Home. Her 8 month old and 4 (almost) year old play with it together. After reading a bunch of reviews and looking at the awards it has won, I broke down and ordered it…about two months ago from Amazon. A few weeks ago I got an email from Amazon saying that they no longer are able to sell it. What a bummer. In the end we had to go to Toys R Us to buy one, which was more expensive than Amazon. Go figure. She’s had it for the last week now and will spend an hour playing with it before doing anything else. There are so many little things for her to play with. Since she can’t pull herself up and stand yet, there are some things she hasn’t been able to play with by herself. It’s so much fun watching her play and learn.
I love toys! My mom was here last week for a couple of days. It was so nice to just go in the kitchen and cook without worrying about ignoring Etta. Of course my mom was lapping up the opportunity to be grandma again. Of course Etta didn’t mind the extra attention either! Etta and I sure do miss having grandma around. We hope to have company again soon (hint to anyone thinking about Vegas).

I love grandma!

Etta was dedicated yesterday at church. For those of you that aren’t Christian, it’s basically going in front of the church members to tell them that you want to raise your child in a Christian home being brought up to know God and Jesus. It’s also the church members’ responsibility to make sure we are doing just that as well as help us along the way. Etta even received her own baby New Testament. It’s so cute.
Well, Etta’s naps seem to be getting shorter so I don’t want to burn all my time online. I’d like an opportunity to get dressed before she wakes up. Hope all of you are well.

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