Saturday, October 14, 2006

It's Melanoma
It's not what I wanted to hear, but Eric got the call yesterday saying the mole from his back turned out to be melanoma. Wow, 30 years old and already has skin cancer. I think Etta and any of our future children will be doomed with our genes! Anyway, the doctor said it was located near the top of the skin so it sounds like we caught it early on. However, Eric had to go back in yesterday to have the skin removed around the area the mole was at. I wasn't able to sit and watch it all because Etta needed to eat. I figured it would be a little gross if I shoveled food into Etta's mouth while Eric was getting cut open in the same room. Eric is a little sore as to be expected. He won't be able to work out for the next three to four weeks which he's really upset about and won't be able to do any activities while we are in Cabo in a week. I pray the doctor removed any and all of the melanoma from that area and we should hear within the next week or two whether or not he'll have to go back and have more skin removed from that area. Since Eric is predisposed for it now there is another mole that the doc has his eyes on to remove in the near future. Poor Eric. He checked me out while I was there and didn't see any moles that he was concerned about. He did recommend for us to purchase some UV protective clothes so it looks like we'll be shopping at LL Bean and REI for a few new tops for long days in the sun.
Keep Eric in your prayers until we hear from his doctor again. I'll keep you up to date when we hear anything new. Thanks for being there for us!

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Lysandra said...

That's terrible...we will pray for him