Monday, October 30, 2006

Hola Mi Amigos
We are back from an enjoyable seven day vacation to Cabo San Lucas. I’ll start from our journey out of Las Vegas. While we were checking in at US Airways our check in lady asked for my passport. Ok, I spoke with US Airways when we purchased the tickets and he specifically said that we don’t need passports until 2007. So, I didn’t bring it. I looked for it but didn’t find it with my travel book so I figured no biggie. After going through my wallet for anything else they would take, they said that they would do a notarized affidavit saying I am who I say I am as well as a US citizen. Ok, sigh of relief…for now.
It was an easy flight over for me because Etta slept on Eric the entire way over there. Woohoo. Of course I had problems going through customs in Mexico. The guy says the affidavit is no good. But since it is our first time there is only a $20 fee for not having the right paperwork. I’m sure the government got that $20. Hopefully he had a nice meal on us. We didn’t care because I got in and have a visa to be there.
We took our shuttle over to the resort and got to check in VIP style. That means free food and alcohol waiting for us but since it’s an all inclusive resort I suppose that wasn’t a big deal. We got checked into our room and got the room numbers for all of Eric’s family members. The first several days were all about relaxing, eating, drinking, and getting into the pool. Where the resort is located the beach has a strong current so guests are advised not to swim in the ocean. Because of that, they have some nice pools, including a bar in one of the pools. Oh yeah, I frequented that. They even had a kiddy pool with the tall mushrooms with the cascading water as well as water slides down animal tongues. We wished we were smaller to go down them ourselves. Etta enjoyed getting into the water this time. She splashed, froggy kicked, as well as went under the water several times. We enjoyed watching her have fun.
Etta Lounging with dad

Etta in the kids pool

Dad and Etta lounging by the pool

Bar in the pool

Some of you noticed on CNN the hurricane heading towards Cabo in the middle of our stay. We were worried too but luckily it turned into a tropical storm and passed Cabo. We did have some huge waves and one good night of rain, but that’s it.

High waves due to Hurricane Paul

We were able to celebrate several birthdays. Marc and WeiRong had their birthdays last month but got to celebrate again as well as Uncle Bill, Eric, and Eric’s Dad. Wow, lots of birthdays all at once! There are two upscale restaurants on the resort and we pretty much ate there every other night. Ponchos is a Mexican and Marco Polo an Italian restaurant. Wow, can we say five star four course meal with whatever your choice of beverage. I stuck with margaritas (hello…I’m in Mexico!) as well as a semi sparkling white wine by Lancers (yummy). Dinner was definitely an outing, it usually lasted two hours and we were with the entire family each time. Etta was great during dinner except on Eric’s birthday, I had to take her up to the room and put her down for bed earlier than normal. She usually kept entertained by watching everyone else in the restaurant. What a flirt.

Eric's 31st Birthday

Early in the trip we took a snorkel cruise. This was before the hurricane had turned into a tropical storm and the water was pretty rough. We were in a huge catamaran so I didn’t think much of it. We swayed back and forth so much…Etta got sea sick all over Eric. I felt bad for both of them. Eric wasn’t able to get into the water the entire trip because of his recent cut on his back and I chose not to snorkel. Instead we ate and drank some more!
All three of us walked to San Jose Del Cabo which was just a 20 minute walk from our resort. We stopped in several shops and ended up getting some sun glasses and post cards. During our walk we noticed that not only the staff at the resort but the locals loves babies. Everyone just touched Etta’s head and talked to her. Some of the staff would even ask to hold her and take her to our table and high chair. It’s the sweetest. Hispanics have a real love for babies.
Near the end of our trip we took a two hour horse back ride on the beach. Our guide was Yoletta from Poland. She was fun; she speaks four languages (Polish, Russian, English, and Spanish), married to an American golf instructor, and used to work for a cruise line. She was fun to talk to. Grandma Maggi watched Etta for us that morning. It was a great get away.

We were sad to leave Mexico but we were looking forward to our own beds, seeing our pets, and getting back to the daily grind. I was nervous about getting out of the country but that was the easiest part of traveling. Customs was non-existent leaving Mexico. The people that check you in for your flight just make sure you have the right paper work. Heck, they didn’t bother looking at our IDs going through security or getting on the plane. How strange. Getting into the US was a different story; $20 wasn’t going to bride this guy. He looked at my affidavit and asked what that was. Of course he said that is worthless going through US customs. He looked over my military ID shook his head a couple of times then stamped us through. So, everyone sigh a big relief at how safe our borders are.
We’re home, we have both Maggie and Mookie back, and Etta is enjoying her toys and crawling around again. Back to the daily grind for us and loving it.

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Lysandra said...

Sounds like you had tons of fun! I can't wait till we go to Costa Rica in Jan. Hope you had a fun Halloween.