Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Bad Gas
I had been driving my car with the gas light on for at least two days so I really had to stop and get some gas. After bible study I stopped at a local gas station to fill up on the cheap stuff, $2.43 a gallon. Those of you from Phoenix please do not make any comments on how your gas is only $2.19. I normally get my car filled up at Costco or on base. However, I didn’t want to push my luck and drive it any further.
The next morning Etta and I got into the car to drive over to the gym (even though it’s just down the street it’s easier for her and I to drive than to walk) and the car started and then grumbled to death. I started it up again and it did the same thing. I tried this several times before I called it a lost cause and threw Etta into the stroller to walk the half mile (it’s an estimation, it could be three quarters!) to the gym. Eric got it to start that night so I figured we were good to go. My mom was with me the following day and we were heading out to the base to do a little shopping. Again, the car started for a few seconds and then made some noise before dieing. In vain I tried several more times. Well, lets throw Etta into Mom’s van and head out to the base. While we were doing the car seat switch a neighbor from across the street came over and said; “That’s bad gas”. The only thing going through my mind was, “What the heck is bad gas”? He said that it’s pretty common right now in Vegas. Ok people, I paid $2.43 a gallon, filled my empty tank, with BAD GAS?! My neighbor was nice enough to recommend a specific brand of fuel injector cleaner as well as a fuel additive.
After the fuel additive went in it started up a little better, but you had to keep your foot on the gas pedal to get it started up. Once it started it was fine. What a waste of my expensive gas! Eric drove it to work and back trying to use up some of the fuel so I could add some more expensive gas to compensate for the crappy gas. On my way home from church the other day I stopped by Chevron and put in the expensive techron gas. Who would have thought…my car has been starting with no problems ever since. Stupid gas! I’m never going to buy gas from an unknown gas place again.

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