Monday, September 11, 2006

Wow Wee Maui

We decided to fly out of Phoenix for several reasons, at the time it saved us $400 plus we had two extra pair of hands to take care of Etta if need be. My parents took their time share to Maui this year and asked us to join them. Heck, how could we turn them down?

Etta did pretty well flying over with minimal crying. We arrived in Maui Friday evening (3 hours behind Vegas local time) and saw a fire on the island as we flew over. At baggage claim we were told that the only road to the west side of the island was closed due to the fire. Wow, that’s where 75% of the tourists head to on Maui. It took us 2 hours to get our rental car. Understandably so, those that needed to turn in their rentals were stuck on the other side of the fire while all of us wanted our rentals. We decided to have dinner in hopes that the road would open. It took us 3 ½ hours to go 20 miles. Poor dad had to drive that while all of us cat-napped. When we got to the resort, they pushed an ancient metal crib into our room. Dear lord I suspect that thing was recalled in the 60’s. We didn’t know this until we were checking out, but they charged us for using it! I seriously needed to take a picture of it because it was incredible. Etta would roll to her stomach and hit metal rungs. What a piece of crap.

Fire Blocking the Road to Lahaina

Our first day in Hawaii was a day of relaxation and trying to cope with little sleep. Etta saw the ocean for the first time and didn’t find it quite as fun as the bathtub. Lots of screams followed. Sunday we all took a catamaran to a preserve where we snorkeled and saw coral, sea turtles, eels, blow fish, and a bunch of other fish. Etta did a great job during the boat ride.

Etta's first day at the beach

Snorkeling Trip

Monday we did some sight seeing at Iao Valley. The Iao Needle was a lookout point in the past as well as a symbol of the ocean god’s YOU KNOW WHAT. Many years ago there was a major battle there trying to make the Hawaiian Islands under one monarchy and the river ran red from all the blood. Luckily it is not like that today. It was really beautiful. That evening we went to a wonderful luau called the Old Lahaina Luau. Not only was the food wonderful, but we learned much of the Hawaiian history as well as saw historic dancing. Oh yeah, Etta cut her first tooth Monday.

Iao Needle/Valley trip

Old Lahaina Luau

Tuesday Eric and I did some snorkeling again outside of our resort and other resorts. It was lots of fun. We took some surfing lessons that afternoon too. Wow, that was a workout. I actually got up on the board several times where Eric was up almost every wave. My parents got a couple of pictures. The most effort was put into the paddling. Since I was on my stomach so much, my entire backside got sunburned. So much for one-time-apply sun block. I hurt for several days. I’m still red! Another bad part to surfing was board rash on my stomach, thighs, knees, and cutting up my toes. I so need a pedicure. We did a dinner cruise that evening. It was absolutely beautiful. If we could do it over again we would do a cocktail cruise instead due to poor food and service. But, we still had fun.

Eric Surfing

Sunset Dinner Cruise

My butt hurt so bad Wednesday I wasn’t able to go parasailing like I planned so I stuck around the hotel. We did enjoy happy hour at the resort and had plenty of Mai Tai’s. We had a great seafood dinner at Longhi’s that night to wrap up the day. Etta got her second tooth this day. Now she has her front bottom teeth.

My backside was feeling better the next day so I ventured to parasail. It was fun and extremely serene. During that time my parents and Eric we watching Etta on the beach and having fun with the waves. Unfortunately the waves won! My mom got beached. Let me explain. She was having fun playing in the water at first but then she got pounded so many times that she finally started taking on sand in her swimsuit. She finally took on so much sand she couldn’t get up. My dad and another guy on the beach had to help her up. Her suit hung down to her knees. My dad had to take a knife and cut the inner lining out to get the many pounds of sand out of her suit. I wish I was there to witness that! Everyone was so tired or beat up that night we did take out pizza!

The Big Waves Won

Friday was our last day in Maui. After checking out we headed to the local aquarium. It was wonderful. We got to see a bunch of sea animals that we weren’t fortunate to see in the ocean. We had a picnic, went to Costco, and then it was time to head to the airport. It was an easy flight back to Phoenix other than the extremely talkative guy next to me. Hello, it’s 3am Phoenix time; I have my eyes shut, please stop conversing with me! Etta slept well, of course Eric and I did not! After taking a short nap at my parents’ house, we took to the road to head to Vegas. We are finally recovered and ready to go back to reality…until next month in Cabo!

View from our window


Jill said...

I love the picture of Mom and Etta at the beach, after I put on my sunglasses to reduce the glare. I hope you and Etta got a tan while in Maui!! Jill

Pam said...

Geez, now everyone knows that the surf won over me!!!! I'm sure it was more like 30 pounds of sand that I was lugging around. Guess what? The bathing suit wasn't ruined after all, but I don't think I would ever wear it again at the ocean!!!!

Lysandra said...

Wow Wee is right. Beautiful pictures, beautiful family!Got to run, Michael crying....