Sunday, September 24, 2006

Hole in One...or Back

Awhile back I took a look at Eric's back and didn't like the look of one mole. Hello, I taught my students to look for ABCD in moles: asymmetrical, border, color, and diameter. Eric's mole crossed the line on all of them. Needless to say Eric went to see his flight doc who in turn sent him to a dermatologist. His dermatologist wanted to take the mole off the next day, resulting in this lovely hole in his back. I've been through my own mole removals and didn't think much of it until he removed the bandage for me to clean up. Hello! Not pretty. Did my mom have to look at this when she helped me out when I was a teen? I hope not. Anyway, poor Eric has a huge hole in his back that is pretty close to his spine. I get the joy of washing it daily as well as covering it with a bandage. Boy are we lucky we have spouses; I can't imagine asking a friend to do that for me. Eric hasn't complained much about pain which I'm glad it isn't bothering him. The mole is being tested for cancer so please keep him in your prayers while we wait on the test results.

On the lighter side of things, it's wonderfully nice here in Vegas this week. So nice we keep the doors open. However, this freaks Maggie out and this makes her "Clingy Maggie". She usually doesn't leave our legs because open doors scare her. Especially when open doors start to close on there own...she usually finds a lap when that happens. Here is a recent example of her behavior when the front door was open. She figures since Mookie hangs out on the top of the sofa she can too. Except she weighs 50 pounds...big difference. What a big baby!

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Lysandra said...

that is soooo gross!