Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Bye Bye Baby Fat…and a bunch of other stuff

I’ve finally determined that I’m on a quest to loose those extra ten Etta pounds. Not only am I going to the gym but I’m watching everything I eat and drink. Good bye pasta, breads, and high carb and low nutrient veggies. Good bye alcohol, juices, and soda. Good bye desserts I shouldn’t be having. Since Etta was born I figured I shouldn’t hold back on food because I was making the all important booby juice. Now I can’t use that excuse anymore. Maybe that’s why some moms breast feed until their kid is five…not for me.
It’s only been three days and things are going well. The hardest thing to conquer is the munchies. Whenever I feel the need to snack on something I drink a glass of water. It doesn’t help that much and makes me need to pee. If I can’t wait until meal time I snack on a small piece of fruit. I think Eric is more freaked out about my diet than me because he’s worried about what’s for dinner. He made me a diet rule that I could eat whatever I want on Sunday evening as well as have a drink. He probably doesn’t want to be a solo drinker the rest of the week and needs to have a drinking buddy at least once a week. Plus there are sinful dinners that we both like that I’m sure he doesn’t want to completely give up (neither do I, but I like ragging on Eric).
If you have any diet tips that work for you, let me know. I’m just hoping to eat healthy and healthy proportions (without the empty carbs) and the benefit is to loose those chunky thighs of mine. Ahhhh…..I’m definitely going to break my diet for the Cabo trip next month. Is their ever a good time to be on a diet?

Bye bye rum and cokes (don’t worry, Etts just likes liking the cold glass)
Gotta love it. I go work out then make and eat a souffle!
Bye bye chocolate soufflé

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