Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Who Knew...Goodwill

We have several Goodwill stores around us and have had fortunate experiences there. Several months before Etta arrived, Eric and I went to a Goodwill store to donate a bunch of stuff. Quick side track, when we left, some guy with plumber butt was going through and taking stuff from the donation box. How low can you go? Stealing from Goodwill! Back to the original story. Eric was walking around and found one of those jogging strollers and his face looked as if he had won the lottery. It was only $25 and Eric was very happy with his find. I showed Eric a few things I found for Etta and told him they were all $4.00 each. A lady shopping across from me told me that it was Tuesday and that all kids clothes are 50 cents (does anyone know where the cent sign is on the computer? I couldn’t even find it in the Insert Symbol section). The Goodwill store has Toddler Tuesdays here and all kids’ clothes are 50 cents. Some of these clothes look like they are brand new. One of them still had its original tag on it. You can’t go wrong with clothes for 50 cents each.
Yesterday I went to a new Goodwill store that is just a couple miles away. I had a big bag of clothes to donate that I either no longer fit into (thank you Etta) or have gone out of style. I planned to do this on a Tuesday so I could look through all their kids’ clothes. We lucked out and found a bunch of cute clothes. I spent $5 and got ten things. It feels great finding a bunch of cute things for next to nothing. One is a little Hawaiian dress (actually made in Hawaii) that she’ll be wearing in a couple of weeks in Maui. We’ll have to get pictures of her in it. I also found an Old Navy jean overall dress, cute romper, several onezies (what is the proper spelling for that one?) , and a couple of other dresses.
If you have kids and have never been to Goodwill, try going on a Tuesday. You may be pleasantly surprised with what you may find. Get one of their flyers because every day they have a special or two. An odd one that I remember seeing is ‘50% off anything with a cord’.
If you have a Goodwill story, I’d love to hear about it. Otherwise, let me know if you get the chance to go to one in the future sometime.

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Jen Collins said...

I like Kid to can find locations at: The other day they were having a 60% off sale, so we got Jade some cute fall clothes for $.80 - $1.50!