Wednesday, August 16, 2006

We Love Food
You may not know this, but I like to cook. I haven’t always liked cooking, nor have I been very good at it. Unfortunately for Eric I had no desire to cook or even eat during pregnancy. Poor thing ate the same things over and over. Now that I sleep through the night and have consistency with Etta I’ve been having fun cooking new recipes these last few months. Eric introduced me to when we moved to Vegas. He had found a salmon chowder recipe that is one of our favorites in cooler weather (we have no desire to eat anything like that during our 100 degree weather). I think I’m on there every day looking up new recipes to add to my box. Now that I am typing this I am reminded that I need to get my flank steak in its marinade. I’ll get to it in a few minutes.
We haven’t had many disasters using (just the blue cheese stuffed pork chops, I know Eric likes blue cheese and thought it would be nice to make it for him. Yikes, nasty; he thought it was just ok). You get to read other peoples reviews about the end product to determine if anything needs to be changed or if it would be something you’d even like. Last night we made baked Dijon salmon and it was pretty dang tasty. Tonight we are having Asian BBQ beef. We’ve had it several times now and is very good. I’ll be making my first chicken cordon bleu sometime this week as well as making our new favorite crab stuff filet mignon in a whiskey peppercorn sauce for friends Saturday night. Let’s just say we never need to eat out for a steak again now that we have that recipe. Eric keeps mentioning honey Dijon chicken so I better put that one on my list again to get him to stop bugging me. Anything to keep him happy.
We love food, especially good food. If you are ever in the need to mix up your cooking, check out, I have a link to it on the right. For wonderful cooks like Jill, you can even add your own recipes to the website. Let me know which recipes you really like so I could try them too. Happy cooking.
Just in case you'd like to check out our favorites:
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