Monday, August 14, 2006


We managed to break away from the Vegas heat to visit Eric’s parents in Oceanside for a long weekend. Our trip didn’t start out too well with taking a short stop after 20 minutes of driving because Etta pooped. She was also pretty tired and usually doesn’t have a problem falling asleep in the car seat, but 90 minutes of screaming wore on Eric’s and my nerves. Traveling with a baby always makes a trip take longer with frequent and longer stops to feed and change.
We got into Oceanside late Wednesday evening. We were able to spend time with Eric’s parents, his brother Marc and his wife WeiRong (who are expecting a little boy Christmas day!), his grandma, an aunt and uncle, and several cousins. This was the first time great grandma Winterbottom saw Etta.
Etta slept in the Pack and Play in our guest room which was the first time since she came home from the hospital that we all slept in the same room. I’ve become a light sleeper since she was born (possibly has something to do with getting up ever several hours to feed her) and woke up every time she rolled over. Of course I wanted to be as quite a possible not to wake her up so I would roll over in slow-mo to make as little noise as possible. Then there was Eric, who might wake up during an earthquake, rolling over and waking me up during the process. All in all, she did great. It took her a little while to get used to sleeping in an unfamiliar crib with unfamiliar noise, but by the time we left she was sleeping with no problems.
It was wonderful seeing Etta do so well in an unfamiliar setting. It gives me hope for an easy and nice vacation in Maui next month. Also, the return drive was painless (other than the many hours stuck in a car); she slept most of the way hope and still slept through the night last night. We have the best baby ever (and if you think yours is better, just don’t tell me).
Hope you enjoy the photos of our trip.
Etta 'concentating' in the car seat
Etta and her new stuffed golden retriever
Marc and Lili
Grandma Maggi and Etta
The four redheads
Etta's first attempt at Cheerios
Aunt WeiRong and Etta
Daddy and Etta
Great Grandma Winterbottom and Etta

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