Monday, August 28, 2006

Sleepless in Las Vegas
Ever since late pregnancy I haven’t had a good night of sleep. Late in pregnancy I got up at least once a night to go to the bathroom. I considered myself lucky since friends told me they were up several times a night. Especially since I could go to the bathroom without actually being awake; I figure I was consiously aware of needing to used the bathroom while being unconsious. Once Etta was born and still in the hospital I had to pump every three hours, even at night. Of course when she did come home she was eating several times a night. Those first few months have now become a haze since I was pretty much sleep deprived. Since I was up several times a night in the early days, Mookie got used to waking up with me; eating, drinking, going to the bathroom, and meowing his way back to our bedroom. Now that Etta is sleeping through the night (I’ll get back to that one in a few minutes) Mookie still gets up at night, eats, drinks, potties, then meows his way back to our room. Of course when he does this it wakes me up. I am now a light sleeper, one of the many side effects of being a mom. Sometimes it is so loud he wakes up Etta. When he wakes me up at night now, I find him, throw him outside through the doggy door then lock it off so he can’t get back in. Of course this prompts him to meow as loud as he can for several minutes throughout the night, hoping that someone will let him in. Unfortunately we can still hear him from our room even though it is muffled. I still sometimes wake up from it. If Mookie doesn’t wake up Etta at night, she still occasionally wakes up for some other reason. For the last month or so Etta screams for several minutes and I figure she needs to eat. I’m not sure if she’s on a growth spurt or if her gums are bothering her from the teeth coming in. Last night Mookie woke her up and I easily got her back to sleep by rocking her for a few minutes. I laid in bed for an hour afterwards drifting in and out before she really woke up screaming. She didn’t eat much before going back to sleep. I should probably let her scream it out so she doesn’t get used to me coming in and feeding her, but at the same time I don’t want Eric to wake up because he does have to get up early for work. Plus, he likes his sleep. Something I wish I could get more of.
It feels like occasionally I don’t have to physically leave the bed during the night, but those days are far and few between. The memories of sleeping through the night without getting up seem so far away. I can’t believe I already want another one! I suppose if I feel the luxury of sleep soon, I may never want to break the cycle by having another.
Etta playing with daddy
My first drink from a sippy cup

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