Thursday, August 24, 2006

My Hair

I’m not sure if this rings true for other new moms, but I rarely do my hair anymore. I should explain myself, I wash it but I don’t fix it up to look like it used to (pre-Etta). I’m not the type of person that can let their wet hair dry and look good. I kind of look like Carrot Top when I do that…literally. Now, if I had to work I would definitely make time to do it, but I don’t have to do it…that’s the problem. Initially when Etta came home all she did was sleep. I occasionally got my hair done if I wasn’t napping during her naps. But I almost never left the house so why bother? Now it has become a challenge because Etta is awake so much! She does take a two hour nap in the morning (most days) but I can’t wash and do my hair then because I typically go to the gym after her first nap. By the time I have showered and washed my hair it’s 1pm. For example, I’m sitting here with wet hair and its 1:15pm. Most of the time I end up putting my hair in a top knot and call it good. It doesn’t help that my only curling iron just died this weekend. Now I only have my flat iron which takes longer to do compared to my curling iron.
I make it a point to do my hair for church on Sundays, but that’s only because it’s church. Plus I don’t go to the gym that day and have Eric to help out if needed. I do have to admit I almost always put my make-up on. That only takes several minutes. Is it standard that new moms kind of let certain things go that were once very important to them? If someone told me a couple years ago that my hair would perpetually be in a pony tail in the future I would have laughed at them and told them I never leave the house without my hair done. As scary as it may be, I get the mail or throw out the garbage in pajamas, without make up, and my hair wet or in a pony tail. No wonder there aren’t many photos of me this past year! Yikes. Just scroll through the photos on my blog and you'll notice my hair!

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Jen Collins said...

Tell me about it!!! I even wear my hair in a pony tail to work. It's so sad.