Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Morning Melody
At six this morning I woke up. I lay there for a few minutes wondering why I woke up. I hear Mookie in the backyard meowing. He’s on valium for his intensive meowing at night and has not made a shred of difference. Pretty much every night he wakes me up and I kick him out of the house through the doggy door. I try ignoring him and then I start hearing ‘thump, thump, thump’. Ok great, Etta is up and kicking her mattress. Next thing I notice is the ‘eeeeeee, ahhhhh’ that Etta so commonly does in the morning. Maybe if I just ignore her, she’ll go back to sleep. It seems like she is progressively waking up earlier every morning even though her bedtime hasn’t changed. I put the pillow over my head to muffle all sounds. Next Maggie starts liking her feet ‘slurp, slurp, slurp’. “Maggie, knock it off". It makes her stop for all of 30 seconds. ‘Meow, thump, thump, slurp, meow, slurp, eeeeee, ahhh, thump, thump, slurp’. Twenty minutes of that and I couldn’t take it anymore! I go into Etta’s room and she’s there on her tummy, ‘thump thump’, smiling at me, happy to see someone. I go into the great room and place her in her high chair. ‘Meow, meow’, I unlock the doggy door for Mookie to come in. He runs through the door and rubs up against my legs. By this time Maggie is too far away to hear slurping, thank goodness. Who needs an alarm when you have two noisy pets and a baby that makes plenty of noise?

Meowing Mookie
Silly Maggie
Beautiful Etta

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