Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Maggie, Mookie, Etta, and I go to the vets
Imagine me managing Maggie, Mookie, and Etta by myself. It could be a funny picture depending on your imagination. Let me try clearing it up for you. Lets start from the beginning. Eric and I will be going on a vacation to Hawaii in a couple of weeks and will probably have to board Mookie while we are gone. I knew that both Maggie and Mookie needed to get their shots updated. I called the base vet and they gave me an appointment for this afternoon. It's always scary making an appointment because I don't know exactly when Etta will need to eat. All morning I envisioned 'how I would get all four of us in the vets office at the same time'. I went through several different senerios. Would I leave her in the car seat and push the stroller, carrying Mookie in the carrier, and walking Maggie on the leash? Or could I manage getting her from the car seat into the Baby Bjorn, then carry Mookie, and walk Maggie on the leash? Since I don't have three hands I opted for the Baby Bjorn.
Approximately 40 minutes before the appointment I figured we should start moving towards the garage. Ten minutes later we were on our way to the base, with Mookie meowing the entire way. Just as I suspected, I had ten minutes from the time I parked to my appointment time. I left Maggie in the front seat, opened the back door and put Mookie on the ground, then Maggie managed to get around the car seat and jumped out of the car. Luckily I grabbed her quick enough to put her back in the front seat. Next I had to put Etta in the Baby Bjorn, this was my first time by myself. With Etta strapped to me I got Maggie on her leash and out of the car. I don't want to imagine what I looked like with Etta strapped to me, Maggie's leash in one hand, and Mookie in his carrier in the other. Don't forget the diaper bag just balancing on one of my shoulders. When it was appointment time the vet was nice enough to take Mookie into the room for me. Of course I had to help hold onto both Mookie and Maggie while getting their shots. Etta tried helping too since she was close enough.
All said and done, they got all of their shots updated as well as some medication. The only reason I can laugh about it now is knowing that we saved tons of money by going on base rather than our off base vet. When I told my mom we spend $75 for all their shots, vallum for Mookie, and allergy medication for Maggie, she just laughed. She told me she spent $45 just on one rabies shot the other day for her golden. I hope that I don't have to go to the vets with both pets and Etta by myself ever again!


Lysandra said...

Jack goes for shots Saturday but I will still have my mommy!

Lysandra said...

I took Jack today it was 54 smackers. Not bad for a civi doc.