Monday, August 07, 2006

Girly Movies
I like girly movies...probably like most girls. Unfortunately, most guys don't like most girly movies. That becomes a problem when any married woman wants to watch a girly movie. Sometimes, it's like pulling tooth and nail. I've even gone to the movie theatre by myself once to watch Phantom of the Opera. Eric's excuse would be that he was in Korea at the time. Possibly a good excuse. It's strange since many women can sit down and watch a manly movie without too much complaint. Luckly for Eric I like Kung Fu movies, war movies (minus that tank movie Eric!), and some of those obscure animation movies that he wants to watch. Last night I was fortunate enough to have Eric agree to watch She's the Man. I know I know...a teeny bopper movie through and through. The previews looked funny. We watched the movie and have quite a few laughs. I enjoyed it and to tell you the truth it looked like Eric did as well. Shh, you didn't hear that from me. Except for the kissing at the end, he always like to do the gagging sound then. That brings me to another point, can guys openly admit that they like a girly movie? How does one classify a movie as a 'girly movie'? Now, for all of those movies that Eric would never agree to watch (for example the 6 hour long British period piece mini series: Pride and Prejudice, Forsyte Saga, The Way We Live Now) I usually have a weekly movie date with a friend or just watch them on my own. Ladies, if you need to get away from the house, I think every husband would be more than happy to hear that you are watching all of those really girly movies with a friend rather than subjecting him to any pain or unnecessary gagging.

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Lysandra said...

I wish Scott liked girly movies but he hates them. Luckily he is tdy for 4 weeks and I get to watch all the girly things I want!