Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Baby Toy Take Over

If you have children, you will understand what I have to say. Etta is only 6 months old but she already has more toys than I can keep track of. Our great room has an array of baby stuff: the swing (where would we be w/o one?), the play yard/kicking toy, the jumperoo, bumbo, bouncer, and a bunch of little toys scattered throughout. It looks like Toys R Us has donated one of everything to us. How did parents do it 100 years ago?
Even though we have all these toys for her, sometimes I feel like nothing will make her happy. As of lately, everything I do makes her cry. I’m going to blame that one on the little tooth coming in. The swing has always been the one thing that could calm her down when upset, however she just sits in it and cries (while playing with her feet). However, there is something that always brings a smile to her face…Maggie and Mookie. Whenever she sees our cat or dog, she squeals, kicks her legs, smiles, and reaches out for them. She loves getting every opportunity to touch them. If I could only convince both of them to stay in the same spot for more than several seconds, I may have the happiest baby on the block.
Next thing I want to mention about toys is the gimmick that they will make your baby smarter. Wow, they have us parents hooked. What parent wouldn’t purchase stuff that claims to make your baby smarter or doing things sooner? Baby Einstein this, Baby Einstein that. Oh yeah, we have it and Etta is going to be the smartest baby! If Etta ends up in remedial classes in the future I’m going to curse Baby Einstein and Lamaze toys.
That’s enough ranting and raving from me. We’ll be in Oceanside, California through the weekend visiting Eric’s lovely parents. I doubt I’ll have a chance to blog while I’m there. Watch out for new pictures and an update on our trip next week. Pray that Etta does well on the car ride over and back. That’s the hardest thing about our trips:)
Etta in the Swing
Etta with a few toys
Etta & her play yard
Etta in her Bumbo
Etta in her bouncer
Etta & her jumperoo
Etta & Baby Einstein saucer

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Lysandra said...

We too are going through that terrible teething phase where everything is upsetting. Don't worry she will be back to her cheerful self in no time flat.