Wednesday, August 30, 2006


The last two nights I’ve slept without interruption from Mookie or Etta waking up. Oh glorious sleep. Unfortunately Eric has been getting up around 2am for work the past couple of days. However, he has been so quiet I barely stir. I’m so thankful for that. Now that I am rested I have all my wits.

We drive to Phoenix tomorrow and from there we fly to Maui. I have yet to pack a single thing. However, it’s 8am and I have started laundry. I’m getting there! I’ve at least made a list of all the things we need to bring for Etta and that’s the majority of work for vacationing. Before Etta we were able to throw everything together last second and manage not to forget much. Now it takes a lot of preparation due to the extra baggage and Etta. This is our first real (driving to Phoenix and California do not count) vacation with her and still aren’t too sure what all we need to bring. The one thing I am going to miss is her high chair. I wish I could pack it up and take it with us. I imaging feedings will be a little tougher on me because she can’t completely sit up on her own. Poor thing, she’ll have to eat jarred baby food too. I’m also nervous about what to bring on the plane for Etta. Since security has increased I’m afraid that they’ll make me throw out baby food, teething tablets, and her formula even though she will need all those things to make it a peaceful flight.

I ordered two new swim suits from Spiegel recently when they were having an 80% off sale. It was hard to do since I had to order the next size up without trying them on. Always scary. I tried on the first one and other than a new bulge here and there, it looks good. I tried on the second one and I really liked the looks of it. Wait a second, you can see my nipples! Oh great, this really nice swim suit strategically has white material in all the wrong places. I’d rather blend into the surrounding while we are in Hawaii. I’m still not confident in my even fuller body (post Etta). However, nipples that show through a bathing top will not help me accomplish this goal. It’s the day before our drive and I am sewing another bikini top liner in. Let’s hope that works.

Instead of thinking about all of the negative things, I should be thinking about all the fun we’ll have in Hawaii: luaus, snorkeling with sea turtles, dormant volcanoes, deep sea fishing, sunset dinner cruise, day spa. All things I get to look forward too. How is it that I can always think about the downside of things even though I know the outcome will be fine? Is it that I’m trying to prepare myself for the worse or just trying to avoid it by thinking up ever scenario? Am I being practical? Whatever the reason is, I can’t wait for this vacation and I’ll be blogging about it as well as posting lots of pictures as soon as we return. See you next week….aloha!

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